First of all, silica gel water cup, silica gel kettle and many other silica gel products are widely used in People's Daily life, they are loved by consumers. So what are the benefits of silicone water cups? Why are so many people using it now?
Xiaobian thinks that we choose the water cup this direct contact with the human body, mainly to consider these factors:

1. The material of the water cup
Because of direct contact with the human body, so we have shown great concern about whether the material will volatilize toxic substances, whether it contains substances harmful to the human body. Silica gel is scientifically researched, harmless to human body and material
High stability, can be used directly, no harm to human body. Stainless steel is more popular than plastic, which is highly polluting and harmful.

2, the price of the glass
According to the investigation, the price of silica gel cup and glass cup, ceramic cup price compared to the price of water cup is relatively cheap and affordable.

3. The carrying of water cups
We can find that sports people who often go out for exercise and ride bicycles all choose to carry silicone water cups out for exercise. Silica gel cups are easy to carry because of their soft properties. The collapsible silica gel water cup is much more convenient than the glass water cup that can not be folded. And silica gel material weight will be much lighter than glass cups, ceramic cups.

Everyone has their own selection criteria, the benefits of silica gel cup is indeed loved by the majority of consumers, economic benefits and easy to use. However, Xiaobian here to remind you that silica gel cup must be selected with detection and certification of silica gel cup when buying.
The following small make up recommends a few silica gel cups


Post time: Jul-27-2022